Good Re-sellers Vs Bad Re-sellers

We’ve talked in earlier posts about the necessity for re-sellers as well as tackled the issue from the perspective of the re-seller  Today the focus is going to be on how to differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys.

Almost every one of us has been here: Its Saturday morning, your only solid connect fell through, online camping was a bust, and your sneaker spot of choice was a fail. So now you either have to let this one get away or test the resale market.

The Dreaded Re-Seller

Markup is a reality in any business however the amount of markup can tell a lot about the person selling the shoe. Generally the markup is determined by the price of shipping, overhead, and yes a percentage of profit. Markup also varies shoe to shoe based on rarity, age, etc. Doubling the price of a GR the day after release is not a legitimate markup. Always avoid the guys who are trying to get a rent payment off one shoe. This doesn’t mean anything over retail is unreasonable. Know your budget and have a realistic idea of the value of the shoe you’re chasing and more often than not you’ll come out with the shoe you wanted at a reasonable price.

Pictures of the shoes in question are ALWAYS necessary. With the massive increase in re-sellers we’ve also seen a massive increase in the proliferation of fake kicks. If the person you’re buying from has not provided adequate pictures on their website or in their listing, request better pictures. Beware stock photos. Stock photos are the pictures Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc. use for press releases. If the seller has a picture you’ve seen somewhere else request tagged pictures to be safe. If a seller is unwilling to provide better pictures then walk away. Most legit sellers will have pictures from almost every conceivable angle with proper lighting and high-resolution.  Stay away from the Saturday morning seller who simply posts a screenshot of an invoice. This guy usually has the most outrageous prices if he even really has the shoes.

Condition is almost everything when it comes to deciding a reasonable resale price. In a perfect world all kicks are DS and toeboxes never crease but we do not live in that world. It does not matter how many “v”s you put before DS if the shoes have been worn charging DS prices is unreasonable. Good resellers will have an accurate product description as well as photos detailing any perceived flaws.

All in all re-sellers are a necessary link in chain this does not mean you should be subject to outrageous prices nor should you expect Footlocker prices from a guy who is not getting wholesale prices. The key to being successful in the resale market is being knowledgeable about what it is you are buying and knowing what to stay away from. We hope this helps you as you chase down a missed release, happy hunting.


Eddie B.

Twitter: @KidKrampus


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