Custom: Mache “Iron Man” Lebron X


This latest custom, created for Mr. LBJ himself is a beautiful example of the high quality work and progression Mache has continued to put out into the market. The sequel to Mache’s Lebron IX “Iron Mans,” is created with a beautiful airbrush making these X’s look exactly like a piece of high quality metal you would expect Tony Stark himself to rock out on the town. With the “Stark Industries” logo replacing the X’s generic tongue label and the custom made packaging for these gems are sure to make them a custom piece to be talked about for years to come!

In the world of custom sneakers, Mache has steadily become the innovative father of the industry. If this is your first taste of his work I strongly suggest you go check out his page (, or go follow him on Instagram @Mache275. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or are enthusiast, his work never ceases to impress!

We will be waiting with strong anticipation for the next custom from Mache to grace our presence!




About rush206

Sneakerhead and Sports FANATIC Seattle born and bred University of Montana educated

2 Responses to “Custom: Mache “Iron Man” Lebron X”

  1. Those are best shoes I have ever seen. I love iron man!!!

  2. go figure, that RUSH206 bringing it big again. im stoked to watch what this guy prepares for his audience. always bringing those hot kicks.

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