KD V “n7”

“Nike N7 is committed to inspiring and enabling participation in sport for Native American and Aboriginal populations in North America.” (  The KD IV was the first basketball shoe to support the n7 cause with the two colorways. Now Nike has decided to let the n7 logo grain Kevin Durant’s signature shoe yet again. This year the KD V “n7” will feature an all blue upper, with a triangle overlay that starts out as a blue/blue stripe patter to form the triangles in the front of the upper, then begins to fade  to a blue/yellow stripe triangle pattern as it moves towards the back of the shoe. Each adjacent triangle features a stripe pattern in a different direction to prevent blending.  The sneaker includes yellow laces, with a blue tongue. One tongue features to n7 logo, while the other is the normal KD V logo. The midsole is all black, which I feel adds a great contrast to the brighter blue and yellow: Yellow is also the featured on the outsole as well. Will these be put on the short list of KD V “must cop” because of the change from the 5 or 6 OKC colorways or the meaning behind the shoe? I personally like these more than the KD IV ‘”n7”; Do you feel the same way? Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on twitter!


–          Cheeto



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