Adidas DRose 3.5

The Adidas DRose 3.5 is now available in “Year of the Snake” format, with “Chicago Bulls” themed colorways soon to follow. The “Year of the Snake” is great looking shoe (only size 15 left on Adidas, and a FSR on Footlocker) retailing at $180.00. This YOTS features a mostly turquoise and black upper, turquoise laces, lining, and outsole, while Adidas’ synthetic leather “Sprintweb” and “Sprintframe” technologies sport the black on the upper. My favorite part of this pair is the gold midsole and heel cup. It really pops and I applaud Adidas on that combination. Now the DRose 3.5 has been released with this great colorway:  I just wonder why Adidas had released the 3, and now the 3.5 in a 5 month span when Derrick Rose has not even stepped on a NBA court (competition wise)? You can, and I will argue that, besides the “Nightmare before Christmas” DRose3, which was very limited in numbers, was the ONLY model to completely sell out. Every other colorway of the 3 has just sat, moving off the selves slowing and destine for the sale tags. Now with the exception of a patterned toe box and the “Sprintweb” technology, the 3.5 and the 3 are the same shoe! I just don’t understand why we need a 3.5 version when the 3 hasn’t done anything, and have not even been worn on court! The exact three same “Bulls” colorways are being released in the 3.5 that was released in the 3; why would anyone who copped one of those 3, turn around and buy almost the same product in a 3.5?  Also, at the 180.00 price point, I will pass all day.  The only way Adidas will compete with Nike is to offer a super-premium basketball shoe that is good on the wallet.

The 3.5 appears to be an excellent, premium basketball shoe, but for the price would you actually ball in them? If I can get the YOTS 3.5 for under retail I will grab them, but if not, I will pass all day. Will you go out and grab the 3.5? Do you share the same views, or do you disagree? Let me know!

– Cheeto




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