Area 51 has sparked millions of conspiracy theories, books, movies, and televisions shows. So, after the last All Star Game visited the nebula, Nike has decided to circle back down the Milky Way, and return to the 3rd planet away from the sun, and focus on something that is somewhat unknown in the United States.

The KD V “ASG” is based around Area 51, but Area 72 is written on the insole heel, which is Nike’s ploy because ’72 is the Nike’s first year! Nike’s clever use of their founding year to to depict a fictional top secret facility and including colors like green and orange give an extraterrestrial feel to the KD V. Also, there is galaxy print on the inside of the tongue and lining to tie in the “alien coming from outer space and now located in Area 72” feel! I see what you did there Nike basketball and I am digging it. Carry on.

–  Cheeto


P.S. This drops 2/15 and there is no established price point on the “ASG” pack


One Response to “KD V “ASG””

  1. where can i buy a pair

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