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Have you ever found yourself surfing your favorite sneaker sites and looking at a pair of shoes and wondering: Is this price for real? How can I be sure this is the right shoe? Is this release date accurate? Luckily, if you are looking for Nike SB’s, you are in luck. In celebration of Nike SB’s tenth anniversary, the entire Nike SB catalog dating as far back as 2002 is available for your viewing pleasure on the Nike SB Museum.

The museum dates back to 2002, the year that the SB section of Nike was officially announced. This was not the first time that Nike had sponsored skaters, but it did mark the beginning of Nike designing shoes with features specifically designed for skateboarding. The most obvious changes being things like higher quality materials and insoles with heel protection in mind.

The Nike SB Museum is an interesting feature for many reasons, the first of which is the ability for sneakerheads and skaters alike to be able to take a trip down memory lane and see some of the kicks that they might have missed out on, or seen their favorite skaters rocking in their favorite video part. Two of my personal favorites are the Nike Dunk Low Ash/Aqua Chalk, a pair that I bought in 2006 and still own, Ollie holes and all, and the Dunk Low “Futura” from 2003 which I saw the late Lewis Marnell skate in during his shared video part in Volcom Clothing brands “Chichagof the Hook”. (On a side note, Lewis Marnell was the first skater I saw wear and skate in Nikes well; prompting me to purchase the aquas soon after.)

Nike Dunk "Futura"

Nike Dunk “Futura”

Another benefit of the Museum is that it can be used as a good referencing tool for sneakerheads. Each page is dedicated to its respective year and features a picture of the box Nike used that year, as well as information on each shoe including the colorways along with extra information such as if it was a collaborative effort with a designer or a skater on the team.

Finally, the Museum showcases some of Nike SB’s discontinued shoes, some of which make you wonder what they were thinking when they designed them, such as the E-Cue and the URL, and others that make you wish they would have stayed in production, such as the Zoom Tre and, my personal favorite, the Team Edition I. Not only can you see old pairs that you wish you could have had, but you can compare the Museum example to the pair that you might be considering purchasing to ensure the shoes’ authenticity.

Team Edition

Team Edition



The Nike SB Museum is just one of the many new things that Nike SB is doing to celebrate their rich heritage on the board over these past eleven years. As a passionate skater and amateur sneakerhead I find this feature on the Nike site both interesting and useful.


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