Adidas T-Mac “LeBron SVSM”?

Last week my man @Indeed317 walked into his local Finishline and spotted a pair of T-Mac 1s on the wall available to purchase. Sure, the original T-Mac 1 dropped in 2002, so a retro is not that mind-blowing, but here is the kicker, check the picture with the post. This is a GREEN and GOLD model of the T-Mac 1, and also there is a well-known number on the heel of this shoe, 23. Let us piece together the pieces. Green and gold colorway, also the colorway of Saint Vincent Saint Mary located in Akron, Ohio. The number 23, sure, the legendary Michael Jordan, but a current NBA superstar just happened to wear the number 23 when he attended SVSM, LeBron James.  Also, there are pictures of LeBron wearing a TMAC 1 on court during his time at SVSM.

So what I am wondering is what is Adidas doing? Why was there no release information on what appears to be a LeBron T-Mac 1 retro? Another interesting fact to put out there is this LeBron Adidas retro was not released everywhere. If they are releasing a Pre-Nike LeBron retro, why not hype it up, there are millions of LeBronhead’s out there (I am from the Cleveland area, I deal with it every day) and these guys would scoop these up like Hypebeast grabbed the Yeezy 2s.  Instead these are sitting on shelves, people not realizing what the magnitude of these shoes actually is. Adidas pulled a Ninja Strike deal on these (Again, S/O to @Indeed317 for coining that term), But why? I think anyone that has heard this story wants more answers. So what is going on Adidas? We would all like to know.


–          Cheeto



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