DC Presents The Mike Mo

DC skateboarding has proudly announced their newest shoe “The Mike Mo”, the first pro model for skateboarder Mike Mo Capaldi. This shoe is the perfect combination of style and skate performance.

The Mike Mo is part of the Rediscover campaign which DC has been promoting for the better part of last year. The significance of this campaign is the brands refocusing on providing shoes that are more performance based, while simultaneously revamping their somewhat stagnant skate team. With the releases of new performance based shoes as well as the signing of new team riders, DC has showed their commitment to skateboarding.

The Mike Mo is the latest offering in the Rediscover campaign, with the shoe providing superior fit, board feel, and a one piece construction that has become increasingly popular in skate shoes. The result is a shoe that looks as great as it skates.

The shoes one piece construction keeps the natural deterioration process of the shoe due to skating to a minimum, resulting in a longer lifespan for the shoe. The shoe’s fit is designed to give the rider the feeling that they are essentially “wearing their own socks.” Finally, the shoe offers superior board feel, a combination of flexibility and grippyness that makes the rider feel almost connected to their board. All of these features come together to provide a skate shoe that is as skateable as it is stylish.

Look for the Mike Mo to be hitting skate shops in the near future.



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