Interview with @EaglesandHeat

Most of us have had contact with DMV Sneakers, and if you haven’t, you should start right now! He is a humble guy out of the DMV who really looks out for anyone who cherishes a fresh pair of sneakers. If you are looking to buy, or sell, @EaglesandHeat is always one of the first to retweet your post on twitter, and as many of us know in the community, he is somehow always at a mall or an outlet.  So I decided one day to fire a few question at him, because maybe you also thought something like this from time to time.

And of course S/O to @EaglesandHeat (DMV Sneakers) for letting me ask him these questions and replying with honest answers. It was my pleasure.

First off, Thank you for doing this interview,

Cheeto: So your twitter handle is @EaglesandHeat, but you are from the DMV. What made you a fan of the Eagles and not the Skins?

@EaglesandHeat: The very first NFL game I went to was 1989 Eagles vs. Redskins (RFK field in Wash, DC). The Eagle came back in the 4th Qtr and won 42-37. Randall Cunningham was exciting and threw 4-5 TD’s that game.  Since then I had been an eagles fan and my grandfather used to talk me to the eagles vs. Skins every year until they moved to FedEx field in Landover, MD.

Cheeto: Who are your other sports’ teams and why?

@EaglesandHeat: The Miami Heat is my NBA team.  I know you not a big fan of them since you a Cavs fan*. I always like the heat since Alonzo Mourning played for them. Georgetown is one of the local college teams in my area so I followed him, Iverson, and others. But I didn’t become a huge fan as I am today until LeBron took his talents to south beach (technically its downtown Miami not south beach).  LeBron my current favorite NBA player and followed his whole career so that’s why I personally want the Cork LeBron X**. The shoe brings me memories of all the trips to Miami and other states to watch them play. Memories of going to my first NBA finals but unfortunately had to watch the Mavs win the title.  My MLB team is the San Francisco Giants. I got an autograph baseball from Barry Bond in the Pre-PED era and just followed the team since. My NHL team is the Pittsburg Penguins because I grew up in the Mario Lemieux era.  I never even looked at hockey until after Mario Lemieux Hockey on Sega Genesis came out.

Editor Note: *I do hate the Heat, not because of LeBron though. I cannot stand Bosh, or Wade…. They need a box of tissue every offensive possession.

** If someone wants to help this guy out with that release DO IT!

Cheeto: Okay, on the shoes, how many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

@EaglesandHeat: I don’t have an exact amount but I know it’s over 200+ pairs at the moment. Unfortunately for my pockets 94 of the shoes were pickups of 2012.

Cheeto: Which is your favorite?

@EaglesandHeat: My favorite shoe of all time is the Air Penny II “Away” Colorway (My grail of grails)

Cheeto: When did you realize that collecting sneakers would be your hobby?

@EaglesandHeat: After I finished high school and got my first job. I always loved sneakers but I couldn’t afford them.  I grew up with a single parent home which my mother did the best to just provide food on the table. Back then I was lucky to get 2 pairs of shoes a year. The first pair of shoes I ever brought with my money was the Air Penny II (That’s why they my grails). I saved my birthday and Xmas money to get that pair. After that I started get 3-5 shoes a pair thanks to my aunt. I saved all the money I had and she double the amount saved so I could get something else I like. First Jordan purchase on my own was the Black and Red OG Jordan XII (Newbie’s call the Flu games). Once I started working were getting 1-2 pairs every paycheck.  Then my first camp out started with the 2001 Retro Jordan XI (Blk/Red) release.  When you getting addicted to eBay looking at shoe auctions thru out the day that’s when I knew I was about the sneaker life*…

*That is a great statement. So True.


(Air Penny II “Away”)

Cheeto: What was the first pair of kicks you really remember owning?

@EaglesandHeat: In kindergarten or 1st grade I owned the Nike Air Trainer SC High Bo Jackson’s. But mines had Number 34 on the back. Bo Jackson is my favorite football player of all-time (everyone’s Tecmo bowl favorite player). I kid you not; I even dressed as Bo Jackson for Halloween that year. The Bo Jackson haircut, shoes and a Bo’s knows T-shirt (yes the picture exist lol).

Cheeto: You also do sneaker reviews on Youtube, ( when did you decide you wanted to start reviewing sneakers?

@EaglesandHeat: I started doing sneaker review on YouTube around April 2012. It all started at the end of 2011 I was looking on YouTube for clips regarding the Jordan XI Concord chaos. While search I found tons on sneaker reviews. I was shocked and never thought the shoe community grew to that point.  I was so out of touch with shoes since I had to limit the amount of shoes I brought because of life events. So I was copping 1-3 shoes a years even after I progressed in my career. Those Youtube videos gave me it same itch that couldn’t keep Brett Farve in retirement the first go-round. The first sneaker reviewer I watched was ZayaX0712. His videos were funny and very informative. Eventually one of his reviews helped me purchase a shoe (Rose 2.5 Playoff aka ACL breaker). After that I got the idea of doing sneaker reviews because I wanted to help someone as he did with me. I didn’t care about  video views or YouTube fam. My goal was to help at least 100 people the way ZayaX helped me.  I didn’t think I reach 100 subscribers to be honest with you. I looked at ZayaX0712 and WeAreTheTrend as the golden standard for YouTube videos. I knew my videos were trash compared to theirs at the beginning . So I’m very humble that I have over 1000 subscribers  and when I go out to the nikestore or even out of town someone always come up to me and say “Hey I seen you on YouTube or what’s up DMV”.  But for the record my favorite Youtuber of them all is Just4Kicks212. NightWing make the performance videos but I preferred Just4Kicks212 because he has more charisma. It was great when I met Just4kicks in person and talked sneakers for a while.

Cheeto: A lot of people now look at you as one of the premiere twitter handles to follow for your restock and release information, how did you become so good at catching those restocks and deals?

@EaglesandHeat: Well as the say goes “The game is to sold and not told”! All jokes aside I put in allot of leg work initially but it wasn’t easy spending the word around to others when you only have 100 followers. So my mission of trying to help others wouldn’t had been successful without the help out of the following twitter handles: @Baltimoresneakershow , @deftronic , @dredaycoop and @deadstocknyc.  With them I was able to spread the word, build my own following and network of people.  I also have to give a shout to all my followers on twitter. Because I helped so many of them out they tweet me deals or restock before I even catch them sometimes. All lot of people say the sneaker game is messed up but I see a lot of people in my mentions that want to help just as much as I do. With twitter I exceeded my goal I had set out of helping 100 people. The Bred XI alone I help 47 people copped that shoes. Well that’s how many thanks and shout out I had in my mentions. I started my twitter mission on around May-June and since think I around 600+ shoes was copped from restocks, outlet deals and under retail deals. Best tweet I gotten so far was “ @eaglesandheat you are my sneaker angle. Guy is the CNN of sneaker info”

Cheeto: Why do you post information like that instead of just keeping that to yourself and your circle?

@EaglesandHeat: After the Nike All Star Galaxy release I finally got tired of the outrageous reseller prices. All of Youtubers did discussion videos and all of people on twitter complained about it but no one was doing anything about it. So I made a mission to do what I can to help others from dealing with the aftermarket. A reseller can be very clutch at times don’t get me wrong but once every Jordan release became $300 by Saturday afternoon, enough was enough.

Cheeto: Last one, what advice would you give to new sneakerheads or to anyone reading this?

@EaglesandHeat: The most important advice I give is to say true to yourself.  Meaning buy shoes because they fit your style and what you like. Collecting shoes is an expensive hobby so if you live by that code you will save a lot of money. A lot of times people get caught up in the hype of shoes and once they obtain them they never wear them. Unless you collect DS for storage, if you don’t wear shoes which 2-4 weeks then you probably made a bad decision. Normally getting a pair of shoes you really want is just like being a child opening a Xmas gift. You get excited and wear them as soon as you can vs. letting them sit in the closet. Second, I would tell everyone to be patience with releases. Some releases can get copped with a discount with a promo code/Price drop and others you can grab a pair on an online restock.

Cheeto: Finally, I would like to thank you for your time, and taking the time for your reviews and restock information on twitter;  you are a great guy who really looks out for the sneak community, and I am glad to have you in my sneaker family.

– Cheeto



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