Box Hype

Something that is being seen more and more often is “Box Hype.” This is when a shoe is given a large amount of attention because of the box and extra’s that come with the shoe. Shoes that would normally not sell out are slapped with a “limited” tag among the sneaker community, given a special box different from the Orange Nike box it would usually come in, and sells out instantly with resell prices as high as could be. Nike knows this formula and blesses us with special packaging every now and again to keep us entertained.

Shoes that have the “Box Hype” tend to resell for a large amount of money while a shoe that was just as limited will decrease in value over time. A prime example lies in the KD 4 “Nerf” and the KD 4 “Weatherman.” On eBay, the Nerf colorway with the special box, basketball, and basketball goal, has an average selling point of approximately $2000 while the Weatherman has an average selling point of around $800. The differnce? Around the same amount of each were produced but the Weatherman only came in a boring orange box.

I personally have fallen victim to Box Hype. The 2012 Year of the Dragon Air Jordan is a great example. I really liked the shoe, the inserts, and how well it performed on the basketball court but when it came down to it I truly was in love with the box more than I was the shoe. Nike is doing it on a lower key scale as well though. If you’ll notice the boxes the “Nike Air” Air Jordan 1’s are coming in you will see it is the original Nike box. Nike knows how much people talk about “OGs” and the obsession with “Nike Air” so they gave people what they wanted. The same was done for the Air Jordan 5 after it was found out that the shoe would be getting it’s original box too.

This isn’t a new concept though. Nike has been doing this for a long time like in 2008 with the Air Jordan 1 “Levi” release. In 2006 Nike released the DMP series, including the famous 6/11 pack. The Countdown Pack, again released in 2008, draws people in today just so they can have the box with Michael Jordan’s name and jersey on it. Even in 2012 people were paying huge sums of money for the Year of the Dragon Kobe VII and Year the Dragon KD IV boxes instead of paying 1/8th of what they did and just got the shoe with the normal box.

Box Hype is a driving factor in moving shoes now. The Lebron 10 “Cork” gained an enormous amount of support once people saw the limited edition box that looked as if it was made of wood was photographed. Box hype isn’t necessarily a bad thing but when someone purchases sneakers and it’s not about the sneakers it seems like that makes the whole thing lose the appeal.

Look for the Box Hype to grow in 2013 though because all kinds of shoes will be getting special boxes. The Year of the Snake will be the biggest culprit here. Hopefully if you do get your hands on that special packaging you do so so you can appreciate the shoe just as well as the box. Remember, you don’t wear a box.


– Griffin


One Response to “Box Hype”

  1. Hi synical523,

    I have a question about one of your previous posts. In your article, “NIKESTORE: A FEW TRICKS FOR RELEASES AND RESTOCKS” I was wondering if in your release method 2, step 4, if you have ever tried adding 2 products to your cart before going back to the original tab or screen that has your Order Preview there and clicking “check out”. In your example, you only talk about putting one shoe into your cart instead of multiple shoes.

    For example, you mentioned that you had gotten the Lebron 10 “Gold Medal” & KD IV “Gold Medal”. Were those all part of one checkout or 2 separate checkouts?

    Thanks in advance for your response!


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