New Balance Enters Skateboarding


Early in December New Balance announced their entrance into the arena of skateboarding after announcing their partnership with Blackbox Distribution, makers of Zero and Mystery skateboard brands as well as Fallen footwear. The brand will release a skate shoe line entitled “New Balance Numeric”, or NB#, and will feature new shoe and clothing lines designed for skateboarding.

Last week the brand has announced the signing of their first pro: PJ Ladd. Ladd, one of the most technical skaters in the game, is a perfect fit for the Boston based brand, being that his hometown of Rockland is located just outside of Boston.


The brand, as well as product and team riders, were officially announced at the Agenda trade show on January 4th.

What are your opinions of the announcement? Is New Balance just another big name brand set on taking over skateboarding, or will the brands entrance into action sports be a positive thing? Leave your comments below!


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3 Responses to “New Balance Enters Skateboarding”

  1. There isn’t much love when Nike first got into skateboarding but look at Nike SB now, every kid that I know who skates had Janoski on their Christmas wishlist. I think it’s going to be the same thing for NB, there wouldn’t be that much positive buzz at first but will eventually catch on as new releases comes pouring in. It’s supposed to be a positive thing because there goes another company who is down for skateboarding

    • That is very true. In my opinion the Janoski is the most popular shoe in skateboarding. The scary thing for me as a skater is that kids these days are looking to Nike and Adidas and overlooking the core skate brands, such as Emerica or Lakai, who are skater owned and skater operated. But at the same time, Nike makes some pretty sick stuff haha. Its a double edged sword.


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