Do @Nightwing2303 ‘s Sneaker Reviews Affect Your Decision to Purchase?

As you can probably tell, we are huge supporters of @Nightwing2303 and He provides a great service to the sneaker community, and needs to be recognized for the work he does. @Nightwing2303 ‘s great influence on consumers should be acknowledged by the companies that his reviews affect. The fact that he is paying for the sneakers that he is basically causing people to buy is appalling, and Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, etc. could not get more quality advertisement of their products no matter how much they pay.

If you have ever been influenced by @Nightwing2303 ‘s reviews enough to purchase or consider purchasing, please vote in the poll below!

Remember, his reviews are based on performance, so if you do not use sneakers for athletic participation, please do not vote “No.”


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3 Responses to “Do @Nightwing2303 ‘s Sneaker Reviews Affect Your Decision to Purchase?”

  1. Yes they do because I will only by a sneaker if it suits my needs such as lightness cushion ect. Nightwings reviews are awesome because I don’t have to try a shoe on at a store or wing it on line, I can just watch a review. Nightwing is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His website is awesome you rock man.

    # YOLO

  2. I was an avid reader of Prof K back in the day, and all that. I know Solecollector picked it up and incorporated it into their website or something, but I’ve been a bit disappointed at the frequency at which they post reviews. So when I found Nightwing and about 6 months ago I was very, very happy. Someone who is knowledgeable about hoops shoes and seemingly as mesmerized as I am about them 🙂
    I have gotten one or two pairs already based partly on his reviews. The biggest reason for me is because I live somewhere where I have to rely on ordering online and would just have to hope for the best otherwise. There are plenty of places to find out what people think, but few provide the information I actually am looking for like Nightwing does. It’s not so much his opinion that matters to me, it has more to do with him giving as much facts as possible about the experience with every shoe he reviews.
    I respect that there is someone who cares so much about what he’s doing and putting in the effort like he does, especially paying for everything himself and then spending hours not just to write the reviews and articles but also to record the videos and everything, just so he can share it with anyone who wants to listen.


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