Attention Freshmen

Attention all new comers, please do your research. I understand, being new sucks; I just started being a serious collector less than a year ago, so I am in the same boat. If you have been surfing Instagram, or been paying any attention to some real OG sneakerheads, almost daily they are laughing at someone who doesn’t know what the actual names of shoes are. Now, being embarrassed on twitter is awful. So I will give you some tips I have picked up on quickly and you will be respected by sneakerheads young and old.

First, if you are sitting waiting for class to start, or riding in the car, or during half time of Monday night football, just surf the web for kicks related posts, like Midwest Sole! Sure, you can see when that next sneaker you covet drops, but reading the articles, and reading the comments, can give you valuable insight on the game. When I first started, I had no idea was abbreviated with NDC, but now I understand thanks to reading articles. Please just observe your surroundings and soon enough you will know why the Red/Black 9’s are called the “Kilroy’s”

After reading articles and analyzing tweets, start talking to some of the true sneakerheads. Nothing is greater than sneakerheads connecting with other sneakerheads. Show respect to others, and you will be respected back. To each his own, collecting sneakers is not a competition, so a fellow ‘head is not any less of a collector if he/she prefers Reebok, Adidas, Chuck Taylor, or Nike. As long as you love the sneaker, of course you are going to think your collection is best. After befriending some of the guys, who knows what may happen. In my case, I now have some guys to go to for questions, and if I am ever in their neck of the woods, friends I could meet up with, and that is by far the best part of the sneaker culture.

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