To keep the OG box or not to keep, that is the question.

If there’s something sneakerheads have a lot of along with their vast collection of kicks are the original boxes that came with each and every pair. I don’t know about all of you but my sneaker closet looks like a Tetris game. Shoe boxes come in so many shapes and sizes! For example, my LeBron IV “Birthday” came in a carry case and my Air Max Hyperposite “Amare Stoudamire PE” came in an absurdly large orange Nike performance box. Trying to make everything stack and fit nicely in restricted spaces, like a closet, can be a real life tetris game! The other challenge is taking a specific box out from the stack, now that is a game of Jenga and really not the point of this post.

The point of this post rather is to explore getting replacement, uniform storage containers to hold your precious sneakers instead of the boxes they came in. To begin with, let’s go over a few points of why you should keep the original box. The most obvious reason to keep the original shoebox is that it is part of the original package! If you decided to part with your beloved sneaker one day in the future, then having all the original packaging materials will boost the resale value. The second reason to keep the original box is simply that it does protect the sneaker from the natural elements. Sure, it is only corrugated cardboard but it does protect the sneaker from dust and moisture for the most part. Finally, the only other reason I can see keeping the original shoebox is for the information sticker on the box containing the product code and colorway information of the sneaker inside of it which may be useful to a collector.

Now, for the other side of the coin. Like I stated earlier in the post, shoeboxes come in all shapes and sizes. This may give you a lot of headaches when you want to stack them neatly and packed in a tight space. I have never been a very good Tetris player and it was really frustrating for me when I had to try and make all my boxes fit together in a very confined space. Secondly, if you are a little OCD, the fact that the boxes come in all different shapes, colors and sizes will annoy you. Getting the same replacement box for all your kicks will be a bit of a relief! Finally, cardboard boxes are not the most sturdiest things when stacked. They tend to give a little and then bend when too much weight is applied on to them.

In conclusion this argument is really one of function versus form. On the one hand, you want to keep the original packaging of the sneakers and keep it truly “original” and on the other hand you want to be able to store it nicely and uniformly in a confined space with replacement boxes. After arguing this in my mind for a few weeks I’ve decided to pick form over function. I am more interested in keeping my sneakers in the original form they came in just for the sake of my collection and future proof the possibility that I may want to sell them one day down the line. Keeping the original box is worth more to me intrinsically and maybe one day provide the most return monetarily than getting replacement boxes. The other, most obvious reason that I did not state to keeping the original box is that replacement boxes cost more money. The original box is part of the package price and will not cost you additional money! If you have a lot of kicks, getting replacement boxes for all of them will cost you a pretty penny, around $3-$5 per replacement box. I’ll let you do the math with the number of sneakers that you own! I’d rather save that for a new pick up! Lastly,in my research, I discovered that if you do plan to keep the original box, many sneakerheads suggest that you take out the tissue paper that wraps around the sneaker or is in the inside of the shoe. This is because the tissue paper contains acid to color the tissue paper in the first place that may leech onto shoes and cause discoloration. The original shoebox, minus the tissue paper, does a good enough job of protecting your shoes from the elements in a very breathable environment. The only real negative here is that they may not stack as neatly as you want them to compared to clear plastic replacement boxes, but that really is a minor detail in my opinion.

Love your kicks, preserve them but more importantly wear them once in a while! What do you guys think? Am I my missing something?

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