How to Get Good Deals on Sneakers

We all strive to get the best deals we can on the shoes we want but sometimes we can’t spend as much as the seller would like. Here are some tips to getting the sneakers you want for the best price possible.

1. If it is a newer release and you miss out on release day don’t immediately rush to the resellers. When the Cavalier 4’s released, the resell value was about $260-$300. I decided I needed this shoe and spent 280, an INSANE price to pay for a general release. Had I waited and been more patient, I could get them now for about 190-220. The point here is if you truly like the shoe, you can wait until the hype dies down to purchase for a lesser price.

2. A great place to find shoes is Ebay due to the large amount of users. Sometimes users list shoes for a rather high price when you know they won’t sell for that. For example, I was looking for a second pair of the “112 DJ Clark Kent” Air Force One in a Sz 11 and saw this. I messaged him and told him I would offer 250 shipped. This is a great way to get good deals on eBay. Most of the time the seller lists a high price and it sits for months and months. Sending them a message is a great way to try and get the shoe at a much better price.

3. Lowball. Being on instagram and following the sneaker selling accounts I see things like, “NO LOWBALLERS” and “LOWBALLERS WILL BE IGNORED!!!!” comments hourly. For one, if you don’t want lowballers list a base price. Even with that you’ll still get lowballed but not as much. To buyers, Lowballing can get you GREAT deals. I got my Lebron 9 “Liverpools” DS for 100 shipped because I lowballed him. I got my Pushead 2’s for 140 because I lowballed him. Don’t be afraid to lowball, if the seller get’s offended raise your offer or just walk away.

4. If it is a pair you really want but there are either hundreds of fake replicas or it’s incredibly difficult to find, go to the one store that has everything and is 100% authentic. Flight Club. I know, as a community we laugh at their prices daily but in the end they still have everything and it is going to be authentic regardless. Obviously, this isn’t a good deal as the title lists but sometimes you just have to go for it. Every once in a while you see an amazing price on there though. Recently, a Lebron 8 “Miami Night” Size 14 was listed for only $900.

5. One of the best ways to get shoes for cheap are Penny-Auction sites. You buy bids for 50-60 cents a piece and bid on shoes, raising the overall price a cent per bid. You can get shoes for unbelievably cheap, sometimes 98% less than retail. The only problem is you’re not guaranteed your pair and could waste all the money on bids without winning a sneaker. Still, the rewards greatly outweigh the risks.

6. The final tip is a somewhat obvious one. Always be on the lookout. Eveyrwhere, all the time, everyday. If you search Nikestore for restocks constantly you are bound to find a pair you liked silently restocked. If you follow the Instagram accounts for selling shoes you’re bound to found a steal. If you follow people on twitter who retweet and tweet a bunch of good deals, you’re bound to find a good deal. Always be on the lookout. You’ll be surprised.

Hopefully this helped! If it did, please let me know on twitter! Tweet me at @Synical523

Griffin Brody


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