Nike Rosherun: Why You NEED to Own One

By now the Rosherun has made it’s way around the sneaker world being portrayed as the most comfortable Nike runner ever. Despite all the hype with it, no one even knows how to pronounce it’s name. Is it Row-sh, Roshay, or Roshee. I recently caved, followed the hype, and bought a pair to use as an every day shoe. I chose the “Knicks” colorway, listed on the box as Dark Royal Blue/Team Orange. The best part of the shoe has to be the price tag; a MSRP of $70.00, considerably less than most of other trainers.

It is very visually pleasing in person, looking very unique. A knitted blue upper sits upon a bulky looking orange outsole/midsole, highlighted by an orange swoosh. While visually pleasing, that’s not what the shoe is meant for. When you look into the shoe, you see a bright, neon-green insole with a rigged lining. Upon just looks, it would seem as that would be uncomfortable. Once you slip on the shoe though, you see how amazing it is. The insole seems to be made of memory foam, giving a great cushioning system to anyone using the shoe. Along with being perfectly supported, the shoe is very breathable due to the knitted materials along the upper. This seriously might be the perfect runner minus the fact you shouldn’t run in it. Unbelievably comfortable, breathable, affordable, and looks good all together.

With everything positive about this shoe, it is NOT meant to be a runner. I tried this in a friends pair and it just doesn’t respond very well to constant, sudden movement and doesn’t offer great ankle support. I rolled my ankle twice and took them off and walked bare foot back home. I strongly advise against using these as runners. For support though they are great, my back has improved 10 fold due to these. They just don’t offer ankle support like a true runner should. Don’t let this turn you away from them though, the comfort they provide is unrivaled today.

With all these positive things being said, a question has to be asked. Why is Nike not mass producing these? It was rather hard for me to get my hands on one from a direct store so I didn’t, I paid a reseller who actually had a really good price. It makes NO sense at all for Nike to have made such a great shoe at such a great price that wasn’t mass produced and advertised to the public, not just sneaker enthusiasts. I’ve had multiple friends want to buy a pair after I had them try mine on. Nike is sitting on a goldmine here and they’re not doing anything about it. These sneakers were very limited but they weren’t too limited. Let me explain. It’s not like these were a quickstrike or anything but they weren’t in any major sneaker stores. They made their way onto Urbanoutfitters but not onto Finishline. They didn’t even make their way onto!

Nike really confused me with this move. If I was a Nike rep I would recommend mass producing them, putting a few million into a marketing campaign, and watch Phil Knight laugh and rake in his money. I assume Nike will do this with the $90.00 Rosherun coming in 2013 but I guess we will just have to wait til then to see. As always, Thanks for reading!

Griffin Brody



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