Resellers: A Different View

Today in the sneaker world “resellers” are constantly ripped by the members of the community who don’t think a profit should be made of such a loved hobby and lifestyle. I see it on twitter every day and have taken part in it as well, but usually only when a price is outrageous. I see people who have prices just a few bucks above retail but get abused like they are charging 600 shipped for the newest Jordan Retro release. If someone was to charge an outrageous price like that, all the criticism they received would be fair. Unfortunately, people who were asking 220 shipped for the Dark Charcoal/Raptor 7’s were also receiving numerous amounts of unfair criticism.

When I sit down and look back on it, what’s wrong with making a profit off sneakers? It shouldn’t be used as a primary source of income in my eyes, but I don’t have a problem with it. Some people need to make a few bucks on the side of their real job, some students need some extra spending money to afford Jordan Brand’s increasing prices, and some people just need a few extra bucks to take their girl out. What’s wrong with this? Nothing at all. I don’t have a problem with people making 40 dollars off a new release because they had to go through the trouble of getting the shoe, listing the shoe, and then shipping it. Some people also don’t have access to the shoe in their city so this makes it possible for them to get the shoe if they missed out on Nikestore or the other online shoe stores, which is highly likely. People complain about how it’s not retail but why should someone who either didn’t go to the store or didn’t get it online get to pay retail while someone busted their butt to pay retail only charges retail. It just doesn’t make any sense.

The reason resellers even exist is because people are now willing to spend insane amounts of money on newer released shoes when they miss out on it. My personal philosophy is that if I miss the shoe, I miss it. I wait til next week and get whatever drops that week if I like it. Nike will ALWAYS releasing a new shoe most every week. Why spend insane amounts on the ONE shoe you missed and save that money for the next 3 releases you want. Today, people want to be in style, have what’s hyped up, and be the best collector so they cop everything. How can you blame a reseller for reselling a Kevin Durant Gold Medal for 200 when people are willing to pay 250-280? Yes, his price is unfair. Yes, it’s double retail. He also is charging less than the going rate by 50 bucks.
To sum this all up, we as a community need to quit blaming resellers for messing up the sneakerhead world and start realizing that the real problem is people always needing to stay in the hype. I refuse to follow the trend of blaming “hypebeasts” for messing the sneaker world up . When I say reseller here though, I mean people who charge reasonable prices for their shoes, not a reseller like New York Exchange off of Ebay who charges insane prices. You still have to respect his hustle though because the owner of that page always has insane quantities of the most limited shoes recently released.

To finish this off I will give a real life example of someone who constantly charges great prices taking criticism for a shoe he listed on Saturday. I’m sure you know who he is, but @iNeedKicks off of twitter is one of the best “resellers” on twitter, and that is a fact. He is constantly doing his #teambelowretail deals where he charges below retail on brand new releases. I was lucky enough to get the Lebron 9 Liverpool off him for below retail, but he does it for most every release. This weekend he listed the Air Jordan 9 Retro “Fontay Montana” for about 240 shipped and took heavy criticism from a fellow sneakerhead on Twitter. While the price isn’t optimal, it’s not a bad price for a limited shoe as the Fontay was. It makes no sense though to rip Ineedkicks for that price, especially after all he does for the sneaker community.

For a few last words in closing, quit blaming resellers and start blaming the consumers. Thanks for reading.

Griffin Brody



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